Africa and European Civil Society Consultation Post-Valletta

On the occasion of the one year follow-up of the implementation of the Valletta Action Plan and EU Trust Fund for Africa, ICMC Europe and MADE Africa are organizing a one-day civil society consultation in Brussels on 30th of January 2017.

African and European Civil Society organizations have a crucial role to play in advising decision-makers and policy-makers, and in contributing their field-based experience and political expertise to the discussion. The Valletta Action Plan itself states the importance of involving civil society actors in the implementation of its priority actions. Enabling African and European Civil Society to become trusted partner in the governance, implementation and monitoring of Action Plan and EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa is therefore paramount.

This event will therefore bring together representatives of African and European Civil Society, African and European political institutions, and EU Member States to reflect on the outcomes so far and seek concrete ways for future involvement of civil society in the implementation of the Valletta Action Plan and related processes.

In order to gather the views and recommendations of African and European CSOs affected directly or indirectly by the implementation of the Valletta Action Plan and the EU Africa Trust Fund, ICMC Europe has distributed a short survey to over 80 civil society organizations (of which over 50 are based in Africa). An additional 40 African civil society organizations were also consulted individually at the Global Forum on Migration and Development in Dhaka.  Specific thematic and regional issues were further explored through in-depth interviews with survey respondents. The questionnaire can be accessed here.

The discussions and recommendations gathered at the event will be collated in a final report, which will be presented by a civil society representative at a Senior Officials Meeting to evaluate progress on the implementation of the Valetta Action Plan and EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa on 8th and 9th February 2017 in Malta.

For further information on this event or the questionnaire, please contact Lea von Martius