Labour migration and recruitment

 Labour migration and recruitment

"Building upon years of collective organizing around rights of migrant workers, the Working Group on Labour Migration and Recruitment is committed to knowledge sharing on recruitment trends and realities and to collective advocacy aimed at reforming migrant labour recruitment systems worldwide.”

William Gois, Migrant Forum in Asia


The Open Working Group on Labour Migration and Recruitment is coordinated by Migrant Forum in Asia. The members of the Working Group have initiated a multi-year campaign to reform the migrant labour recruitment industry and set up a global online platform that aggregates information on campaigns, policies and initiatives, events, news, policies and international conventions on labour migration and recruitment.

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The Working Group Labour Migration and Recruitment has a total of 109 subscribers to the list serve. From these, 91 are civil society organizations and 6 from the private sector. All civil society organizations working in the field of labour migration and recruitment or with an interest in the topic are welcome to join the Working Group´s mailing list and engage in activities and advocacy.

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Priorities 2016

  • Organizing events and regional consultations among Asian countries to further identify challenges in migrant labour recruitment policies and practices
  • Continue work on expanding the glossary on recruitment reform
  • Continue engaging Private Recruitment Agencies and Developing a White List of Recruitment Agencies
  • Continue publishing policy briefs on Labour Migration and Recruitment
  • Finalise and publish the thematic report for the working group on Labour Migration and Recruitment
  • Widening the scope and reach of the Working Group to include members from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas

Activities 2014-2015

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New Movement Report and Scorecards

In 2016, the MADE civil society network published the first edition of the Movement Report, providing an assessment of progress on civil society’s 5-year 8-point Plan of Action in its first two years, i.e. from the 2013 UN High Level Dialogue through September 2015. Building on the input of civil society actors, MADE has now published a second edition of the Movement Report, providing a commentary on further progress through the Plan’s third year, from October 2015 through December 2016.

MADE Asia - Summary of Activities 2016

MADE Asia coordinator MFA (Migrant Forum in Asia) always stands for the guiding principle: Migrants’ rights are human rights. MFA are constantly reminding international governments and employers that the rights of all migrant workers are guaranteed by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Protection of Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families and other international conventions. 2016, there was still a lot to do along these lines and MFA has achieved some great successes.  

Zero Fees Campaign - Almost 200 signatures

The MADE Working Group on Labour Migration & Recruitment, coordinated by Migrant Forum in Asia recently launched a petition to the Nepalese government to stand firm on an important law passed in 2015 obliging foreign employers to bear the visa and flight ticket costs for Nepali migrant workers that they hire. A related activity, just-launched, is an online discussion on temporary labour migration programs, in which they are interested to hear from migrant workers, those working with migrant workers, or anyone with an interest in this topic.



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